"I must preface this by saying I have never written a review about a person. Once in a blue moon, I'll review a product that was over the top in perfection and a thumbs up was a must. This pretty well describes how I feel about Judith as a real estate agent. In my lifetime, I have been involved in a total of 7 real estate transactions and, many years ago, I dabbled in the business myself of a short while. I met Judith while she was representing a seller of a property I had interest in. She immediately made me aware of this and continued to say that she would also represent me as a buyer to the best of her ability. Well, her ability is outstanding - seriously! Every question was handled quickly and thoroughly. Judith is determined to make you feel confident that you are making a well thought-out and positive real estate transaction and her team's organization is outstanding. Bottom line is, if you are in the market as a buyer or a seller and are looking for someone that is diligent, knowledgeable of the area's marketplace and trustworthy, look no further than Judith Foltz. The property I purchased was $75,000 but I never felt any less important than someone purchasing a $750,000 property.

-Rose Brummett, Rogue River, OR-

"We were just looking into moving down from the Seattle area and found Judith just by a call to the office. She was just wonderful to us. We went through short sales, large homes, smaller homes, big lots, small lots and everything in between. She was so patient with us when we had to make trips down to find a home. Judith was just perfect, she helped us look for exactly what we wanted and we trusted her knowledge and judgment. She worked diligently to find us a home to fit all of our needs. Judith will be my first call when I need to buy or sell a home."

- Maria Gaddis, Medford, OR -

"Judith is highly skilled and the consummate professional. Judith single-handedly (well, she and her incredible staff..) convinced me that real estate agents are worthy of the commissions they receive. It took me a while to come around after some previous bad experiences, but you would not be sorry to have her on your side. She helped us to sell our previous home which had languished on the market for 18 months - she took 3 weeks. When it was time to buy another house, she was our first call. We could not have been happier with the process."

- Jeff Bender - Medford, OR -

"I can't believe that Judith worked so hard for us. She was fabulous, efficient, friendly and pushed through dozens of obstacles!"

- Skitch & Skeeter Boren, Kaneohe, HI -

"Working with Judith made buying our home a great experience!! She is not only smart and professional, but also a wonderful person -- warm and helpful in every way. She always gave us her time including doing research and answering our many questions. We never felt rushed. We look forward to the pleasure of her company in our Dream Home!"

- Randy & Evelyn Watt, Wimer, OR -

"Judith has an extraordinary ability to 'study' her client and formulate the strategy that makes the transaction work. I was amazed at how graciously she managed all the parties involved from the beginning of the listing to the closing at the end. Anytime I heard her speaking with others, it was totally professional and ethical and I was proud that she was my agent! This is a difficult working climate and her stamina obviously comes with experience. There were many things that were 'over my head' in the transaction, yet I knew that I could trust her for my best welfare. Judith is a real 'front line' agent and John L. Scott Medford is blessed to have her."

- Julie Hoff, Corvallis, OR -

"Judith and her team were wonderful! She deserves all the commendations she has received. We will miss working with her!"

- Richard & Stacy Owens, Jacksonville, OR -

"Judith sets the mark very high and is an outstanding member of the John L. Scott team. She was always on top of things and I could not have asked for more. My many thanks to her!!"

- Ken Dickerson, Medford, OR -

"Judith was very professional in the dealings that I had with her in the purchasing of my home. This is the second house that I have purchased using Judith and her team. I am very pleased with the service that I have had with the Judith Foltz Team and John L. Scott Medford!"

- William Ruffin, Eagle Point, OR -